Sunday Evening

CaringBridge journal entry by Stephanie Fay – 8/7/2016

This is Stephanie again, and this part of post is from earlier today. It was a comment to Tonya’s post and Robin requested that I move it to a journal entry….

Hello again all, The removal of the tubes went very well this morning. Now Nancy will rest under heavier sedation for 6 hours. Until 6 or 7 pm. Then she will return to her previous level of sedation until tomorrow morning when they will remove her ventilator. Then she will be able to talk with us again. Although they said it will be normal for her to be quite confused early on, I can’t wait for that! So lots of good, deep rest today for my bride. Thank you for all your kind words. I was telling my bff Maria that our grandniece Evie really loves her Besta (Evie’s name for Nancy, short for Grandma in Norwegian). Maria reminded me that EVERYBODY loves Nancy. Which is just so true, isn’t it? More tomorrow. Steph

It’s now coming on 8 pm. All going smoothly. A day of deep rest for Nancy. Our favorite overnight nurse, Jordan, is on with Nancy tonight. He’s especially wonderful and this makes us all extremely happy. Tina and Jess and Tonya will stay overnight in the hospital w Nancy tonight. Jen and I and others will sleep a deep sleep and then all be back in the morning for the all important ventilator removal. Ask the universe and God and anything you ask such things of to keep Nancy from being too afraid. Jen and I will be in the room while they do this maneuver. Hopefully to help calm Nancy. Tomorrow Nancy talks to us again. Yes!!! Good night, sleep tight. Oh, and we can feel all your love and support washing over us. Thank you so much. We love you all right on back.


Aimee Brown | Aug 8, 2016 8:06am
I’m sending you both hugs and love and good thoughts.

Amanda Ellertson | Aug 8, 2016 7:56am
Scott and I are thinking of you this morning and send love.

Jeanie Owens, St Olaf College | Aug 8, 2016 7:39am
Dear Stephanie, please know that all of us here at St Olaf are thinking of you and Nancy. You are both wonderful strong women and such positive roll models for all of us.

Diane LeBlanc | Aug 8, 2016 7:23am
I’m thinking of you, Nancy, and your loving family, sending prayers and good energy for each step.

Stephanie Handel | Aug 8, 2016 6:56am
We are so glad to hear of the continued healing of Nancy’s body. Sending tons of love, prayers for continued gentle healing on body and spirit. Sounds like you have a great team working together. Xox

Kim Hegge | Aug 8, 2016 5:55am
I send hugs and love to all! You are in my prayers. Nancy is so sweet. When I think of her I hear giggles. She is always smiling. I hope she is well enough to giggle soon.

Kjetil Flatin | Aug 8, 2016 4:37am
We are reading, thinking and reflecting.Nancy was a God send to us 35 years ago when she came to our family – an angel – and helped us take care of our daughters. And she, in turn, became a third daughter of ours. We are sure this will turn out well. Thinking of her all day.

Claudia Berguson | Aug 8, 2016 3:56am
Just lit a candle in Oslo Domkirke for Nancy and all family and loved ones. Prayers coming your way from Norway!

Kessa Brakey | Aug 8, 2016 1:31am
Love you all. Our prayers are with you.

Lai Wong | Aug 7, 2016 11:35pm
Love you guys and thank you for the updates! Get some rest now…

Nancy Montgomery | Aug 7, 2016 11:21pm
Here I am again! Thanks Stephanie for including us in your thoughts. We love you both! Can’t believe we connected at Pilgrim! So thankful!

Nancy Montgomery | Aug 7, 2016 11:18pm
What is going on? What is she in the hospital for? We are at the lake and just got your CaringBridge info. Know that you’re u are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sara Ruiz | Aug 7, 2016 11:08pm
I am keeping both of you in my thoughts and hoping for a fast recovery for Nancy.

Katie Ellertson | Aug 7, 2016 10:50pm
Love you all like crazy. Thinking of you and wishing the best for Nancy. Hugs and kisses!
-Sunnie and Katie

Abby Brogden | Aug 7, 2016 10:36pm
Hoping this finds everyone getting much needed sleep. Our thoughts with Nancy and all of you tomorrow morning.
Abby and JoAnn

Patty Selenski | Aug 7, 2016 10:34pm
I’m sending both aunt Nancy and you Stephanie as well as the whole family. I love you all and Aunt Nancy is in my prayers.

Lori Ellertson | Aug 7, 2016 10:12pm
Love you to the moon and back Stephanie Fay for loving and caring for our Nancy!

Susan Donohue | Aug 7, 2016 10:08pm
Get a good rest. Tomorrow is a big day. We are all talking up a storm to the universe.

Su Smallen | Aug 7, 2016 10:03pm
Hello Steph and family, I just got back from a cabin weekend and you were in my thoughts before I knew why…my love and prayers are with you. Yes, everyone loves Nancy!

Julie Sidles | Aug 7, 2016 9:50pm
We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and sending tons ofprayers, love, and hugs your way.We hope that your extubation goes well tomorrow and you’ll be able to communicate with all of your loved ones. Love lots, Julie (Dorothy and Rod’s daughter) and her family.

Bob Entenmann | Aug 7, 2016 9:50pm
Sarah and I are thinking of you.

Heather Ferguson | Aug 7, 2016 9:29pm
Just receiving this news… many thoughts and prayers to you Nancy and to you Stephanie and to your beloved family members all.

karla jean miller | Aug 7, 2016 9:23pm
Right with all of you in heart and soul…

Andrea Gleason | Aug 7, 2016 9:13pm
Sending all strength, patience and comfort to all of you.

Pat Saltsman | Aug 7, 2016 9:06pm
Rest well tonight Cuz as tomorrow will be a great day and the first day of a new journey with many many prayers and love holding all of you tight.

Jean Hay | Aug 7, 2016 9:00pm
Yes, everyone loves Nancy.

Felicity Evers | Aug 7, 2016 8:57pm
Thinking of you both very specially Fluffy.

Marsha Foss | Aug 7, 2016 8:51pm
Stephanie and Nancy, You are both deep deep in MY heart tonight, and I pray for peace and calm and recovery, again for both of you. Sleep well, dear friends. So many thoughts are with you and yours. Love, Marsha

Peter Spuit | Aug 7, 2016 8:44pm
Stephanie and Nancy, my prayers have been with continually since Friday. And my prayers are with all of your loved ones. You seem to have some truly wonderful people surrounding you — family, friends, and health care givers. May you have strength, courage, patience, and love as Nancy’s care continues. And may you have more and more clarity about Nancy’s health concerns, and her path to a full recovery. God’s grace and peace to you.

Elizabeth Aarsvold | Aug 7, 2016 8:39pm
Thinking of all of you, and wishing Nancy strength, hope, and healing.
Love always, Betsy & Pete Aarsvold

Mary Ellen Erlandson | Aug 7, 2016 8:39pm
I’ll be sending prayers? Get a good rest. All my love coming your way.

Donna Dingle | Aug 7, 2016 8:31pm
Thinking of you! Prayers on their way to all of you for tomorrow. Love the Swingles.

Dan Beach | Aug 7, 2016 8:18pm
Thinking of Nancy and you and everyone caring for you both. Praying everything goes smoothly in the morning.

Sheila Hoffman | Aug 7, 2016 8:16pm
We are sending love, love, love and eagerly awaiting more positive updates.

Marte Hult | Aug 7, 2016 8:13pm
Thank you for the updates today. Sov godt Steph! And how wonderful that you have your favorite night nurse and all family and friends around you. Leaving for fishing in the morning so don’t know if I can comment but you and Nancy will not be far from our thoughts and prayers. Hope it goes well in the morning.

Kris Grangaard | Aug 7, 2016 8:05pm
You’re in our thoughts and prayers. All of you. Deep sleep will be good for you, Stephanie. Take good care! Glad Nancy has Jordan to help her rest. Thank you so much for the updates. Kris and Tom

Connie Ford | Aug 7, 2016 8:02pm
Yes, Steph, everyone loves Nancy. Praying for her sense of calm tomorrow.