A picture is worth…

Journal entry by Stephanie Fay

…more words than any of us can count at the moment.


Thanks especially to our family here in Scottsdale. They carried us through this day.
Love, Nancy & Steph

Abby Brogden|Mar 23, 2018
Looking so good and what a beautiful smile!

Pat Saltsman|Mar 23, 2018
Love the smile!!! Nancy you look great!

Anne Sabo|Mar 23, 2018
For et nydelig smil!! This picture makes me so happy. It’s great that the breathing tube now is out, and that you have family around you helping out, taking turns. Hope you got some time off yesterday, Stephanie, to find your breath again too. Sending more love and big hugs!!

Ann Dyellig|Mar 24, 2018
Wonderful to see you first thing as I wake this morning Nancy! Been praying for you lots and lots.

Marsha Foss|Mar 24, 2018
What a joy to see that great smile this Saturday morning. May the days continue to be good. Blessings!

Claudia Gordon|Mar 24, 2018
Beautiful smile, Nancy! Also like the off-the-shoulder style of the gown….gorgeous!

Marcia Swinney-Shay|Mar 24, 2018
It’s wonderful to see your smiling face 🙂 Love to you both.

Nonny Smith|Mar 24, 2018
Agreeing with the earlier commentators!!!! SUCH a great smile!!! Sending love and continued encouragement.

Debra Taylor|Mar 24, 2018
Wonderful! Glad to see that beautiful smile.

Erica Kragerud-Smith|Mar 24, 2018
What a smile! Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts!

Jonathan O|Mar 24, 2018
Looking grand, Nancy!! It does a body good to see that beautiful smile! Sending thoughts of healing and some hold-your-horses-there-Fiona vibes, but mostly just sending love. We would love to be there in person to give you both hugs, but we are so glad to know that you are surrounded constantly by love and support of an amazing family. Our hugs will be waiting for you when you get home. Much love.

Barbara McCauley|Mar 24, 2018
That’s our Nancy!! What a blessing to see her beautiful smile! We send our continued prayers. Lovingly!

susan Donohue|Mar 24, 2018
So happy for everyone. What a joy.

Joan Haan|Mar 24, 2018
Smiling back at you, also in my pajama’s 🙂
With rejoicing!

Su Smallen|Mar 24, 2018
Love that smile! So Very Happy to “see” you!

John Eric Rolfstad|Mar 24, 2018
Great to see that smile again!

Lisa Webster|Mar 24, 2018
Love that beautiful smile!

Kari Dorer|Mar 24, 2018
Thanks for posting a pic, it is so nice to see!!

Terry Kenck|Mar 24, 2018
Oh so happy Nancy is getting well!!!What awesome news to see in the morning! Prayers continue . ❤️❤️❤️

Marte Hult|Mar 24, 2018
Lovely smile to see! thanks for the update.

Patricia Sween|Mar 24, 2018
So happy to see this picture. You two simply ROCK!!

Gail Klemm|Mar 24, 2018
Smiling back at you, here! Such a boost for all of us to see Nancy’s smile and wave. SO grateful that you have had family support there. Many prayers said and continuing for all of you.

Kathy Olsufka|Mar 24, 2018

Hanna Emerson|Mar 24, 2018
Thank you for the update! Great to see you smiling!

Martha Morrow|Mar 26, 2018
Hey Nancy:-)

Gloria Betcher|Mar 26, 2018
Wonderful news!